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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  February 7, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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question are live with becky anderson in ayman this hour. a first class crop of british actors charmd. this year's awards season. and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. are you watching cnn live coverage ooipt i'm natalie
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allen. we are following the war on isis. jordan watched airstrikes in syria attacking isis targets in revenge for the murder of a jordanian pilot. meantime isis claimed one of those strikes killed this american captive, 26-year-old kayla miller jordan says is alive. let's go to becky and wereson live in ayman for us covering these stories. >> reporter: so far, no brief. many in jordan are skeptical with a look at why the territory would make such a claim. >> reporter: a picture of a co lavens lapsed building. the group says a jordanian airstrike in this city of ra ka killed 26-year-old kayla
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mueller. isis does not show mueller, offer nos proof of its claim. u.s. officials tell cnn they can't corroborate it. jordan's pr minister calls it a low pr stunt. >> there are coalition airstrikes going on every day and you are they supposed to aser tain that a jordanian plane as she claims destroyed this building. >> reporter: another account that mueller wag awas alone in this building. >> as you can see, this was the mull-story building. she was the only person killed in an airstrike. no passerby nobody injured except for her suggests that it doesn't pass the smell test. >> reporter: why would isis make the claim now? it comes three days after isis showed a shocking video burning a jordanian pilot to death. hours of jordan responded to
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that with a stepped up airstrikes against isis. if isis has already killed kayla mueller, this is a way to get away with a backlash for burning the pilot. >> if she was killed it is very convenient for the organization they could get rid of an inconvenient hostage and they could have driven a tweenl e wedge between isis and the americans. >> even if it was an acre that killed a western hostage, it wasn't jordan's fault, jordan was trying to help in a company to defeat one of the post-brutal and ruthless organizations on the planet. >> another problem presented by kayla mueller for isis. analysts say because she was a woman, they would not have wanted to analyze it and put it on videotape like they did with the male hostages if kayla mueller is dead analysts say
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they are running out of propaganda or bargaining kims.chips. >> jordan's government faces talks with wolf blitzer on friday. he made it very clear his country doesn't believe isis' claim that mueller is dead. >> what we know about this terrorist organization is that they are liars when it comes to these things. they use these events to manipulate facts and to manipulate public opinion and add to this the fact of what they have said it's just impossible for anybody to acquire. >> reporter: well jordan has also said it is leading the war against isis. king abdullah has promised revenge to the family of the pilot killed on friday.
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activists say airstrikes on rajka killed 47 isis and they killed dozens more militants on friday in that same province. so natalie, no breaking of the resolve as it were here if isis was trying to drive a wedge between jordan and its other arab and international allies. they say that happened. they say this is just lies a macabre publicity stunt and things continue here. the flag still flying at half-mast, mourning period continues for the pile who was so brutally murdered by isis in the video released earlier on in the week. natalie. >> thank you. i'm wondering, what was the level of jordan's military involvement prior to these events and now these continuous
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airstrikes? >> reporter: that's a very good question. the arab allies joined this coalition back in august you will remember. the uae, for example, are very outspoken about it support for this coalition effort. over the months it seems it's been 40 or 80% of sortties flown by american the americans supporting the allies, specifically jordan has to be said for the uae stopped flying sororitye sorties. we are getting reports the uae is back in the air. but i think it would be fair to say that jordan is taking a lead here. that's certainly what it is saying out loud. the interior minister is speaking to me on cnn saying
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this is a west war, it has been run by and led by arab nations. difficult to say, details are held by intelligence. we don't get much information as to when targets r. it seems clear jordanians are taking a lead at this point. >> you mentioned the uae. one final question for you, what is the feeling, what is the reaction there in the region that jordan has become much more involved? >> there is a sort of united front across this region that radical islam is something that needs to be fought. if you talk to anybody in administration across the middle east and north africa they say this is the number one priority extremists are discouraged, as it there were century, so you get a lot of support from people
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on the streit certainly support on administration across the gulf in egypt and here. so there is support for isis clearly. you know it's very small. we've spoken to people here who say it is alive and well and after all jordan has had its share of jihadist fighters in the past. it sent fighters have gone from here, haven't been sent by the government of course fighters have gone to fight in the name of the islamic state. the majority of people across the region wanting to wage this fight against a radical islam, a galvanized spirit here in jordan that this is a fight that fought
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for the annilation and the context ahead of the release of the video it must be remembered of the pilot here there wasn't a united front about how one goes about fighting this fit a. lot of jordanians saying look this isn't our fight. we got a lot going onl on here problems with instra from structure. an enormous reasonable crisis. why are we out there fighting against our border. jordan shares a border with iraq and syria. natalie. >> all right. we thank you becky anderson covering developments there. we hope that something comes out that will solve the mystery of this american captive, thank you, becky. well the u.s. is gathering intels in mosul, iraq to decide to rem ground troops to help in the fight against isis. the u.s. says isis is trying to reenforce defenses in the iraq's
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second largest city. members are protecting their families by moving them out of theary. top u.s. officials say a small number of troops could be needed to help with targeting isis. they would not go into combat. six people face charges in the u.s. of conspireing to aid terrorists overseas. the defendants are immigrants from bosnia. three naturalized citizens. the u.s. department of justice says they conspired to provide materials and money, including u.s. military uniforms and tactical and optical gear in syria, iraq and other countries. ahead here possible progress towards ending the fight figure ukraine as world leaders meet in a new push for peace. we will have a live report just ahead. also we are learning more about the moments before transasia flight 1035 crashed into the river. what the wielt would have seen
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and heard before hitting the water. we'll go there live. .
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ment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. you are watching cnn live coverage. this hour world leaders are gathering in germany to discuss the escalating violence in ukraine. this move follows friday's talks in moscow where the leaders held talks with vladimir putin. the kremlin says they will implement prior peace agreements. moscow called the discussion a
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positive step. the hour's talks in munich include the u.s. secretary of state, russia's foreign minister and ukraine's president. with more now on this developing story, let's turn to our ierib mcloughlin, hello. >> reporter: they called yesterday's meeting constructive. although nothing concrete has been announced except for plans for more talks. the french president francois hollande spent hours with vladimir putin in moscow. no press conference was held at that meeting. an hour-and-a-half in that, i had a photo call. tomorrow there is expected to be a telephone conference call between the leaders of ukraine, germany and france where they are expected to discuss this
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possible joint document that incorporates the proposals from the various countries. today diplomacy continuing. the justice foreign minister met with the chancellor at the munich conference. natalie. >> they are talking about implementing prior peace aagreements. we have the mince minsk agreement. why there would be a belief it would stick? >> reporter: well it's difficult to say what exactly is on the table right now a. few details about this process are being made public. it is difficult to say how far the sides are from preaching some sort of compromise. what we do know is they are discussing what is known as a negotiations document with russian and ukrainian input
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aimed at implementing that minsk agreement you mentioned, the agreement reached last september. signed by all sides as a conflict designed to end the crisis in eastern ukraine, which is pretty much completely broken down in light of the escalating violence we have seen there. now we know that u.s. officials are discussing the possibility of sending lethal defense aid to ukraine. a western countries, including the united states accusing russia of sending military personnel and weapons into the conference zone fueling the crisis something that russia has vehemently denied going into the talks, german chance chancellor murk el says the
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diplomacy cannot be extended. >> as we mentioned, another meeting is getting under way in munich germany. that's where our jim bolden is to cover what comes out of this meeting. it certainly has many top leaders including the u.s. and russia sitting across the table. what's expected? >> reporter: yes, natalie. in about 20 minutes we will hear from german chancellor angela merkel. it's very critical to hear what she has to say. we haven't got a hint of what came out of the discussions in moscow which ended very early hours, she angela merkel through here for these talks, then we will hear from the foreign minister of russia. he will have a little comment about an hour later. we know that the president of ukraine has arrived. he has been seen in last hour.
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it may be possibly giving some hints of positivity about a possible cease-fire if you will or some kind of movement in the talks. it's very critical to say if there is going to be movement. it could happen here today or on a conference call tomorrow because u.s. secretary of state john kerry is here. vice president biden is here. there is opportunities around this conference for everybody involved to talk to each other face-to-face and see if they can come up with some kind of agreement. there with is hints that maybe it is based on the minsk agreement of last september. we know that lasted as long as it took to sign it. we have been hearing about a sunday conference between the leaders of pedestrians, germany, the u.k. excuse me and so maybe not major movement today, certainly the ability for them to hash out if they can some kind of deal to get a cease-fire in eastern ukraine, natalie. >> all right.
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we will wait to hear from you when there is news out of that meeting. while this is all coming about because as we have been reporting, all of a sudden the violence picked back up again, it has been intensifying. it has been deadly with citizens caught in the middle. we have been getting reporting from nick pay tan walsh. he joins us from donetsk. certainly, you have seen how important and critical it is to try to find something to stop the fighting there. >> reporter: well, as i talked to the kremlin. we are on the way, natalie, artillery is falling in and around donetsk. this morning that picked up again as well a. constant backdrop to this town. it used to be a million strong in civilians, so many having a sense of violence and a senior official i spoke to last night being quite clear they believe
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the ukrainian military thinks it has the upper hand. separatists do i think they are waiting for acceptance on a military playing field, but really the question is what happened inside that room in the kremlin t. remarkable spectacle of two european leaders traveling to moscow to meet vladimir putin. one still picture shown from inside there. despite the late hours in which that meating finally ended. no real announcement that suggests a cease-fire is on the way. they were able to get back in two minutes to the cease-fire they originally agreed to in september. so a lowesting really on what happened behind closed doors in munich. it seems the ukrainian foreign minister tweeting the suggestion this is the european future. people should be calm and not read the newspapers before lunch. i caught a tweet perhaps they
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want to get a deal. bear in mind they didn't want to see anything in moscow that chopped up ukraine's integrity. you have to ask yourself, what potential is there? i'm stampeding in a part of ukraine that feels very russian already. the ukrainian border guards when you come across you need a special pass from the ukrainians to get in or out of this particular area this area is currently on moscow time. they declared themselves and are doing a number of this i think so to move its systems closer to russia. fundamentally, the major issue is food infrastructure and cessation of the hostilities. they're still under way, nothing came of moscow of substance despite statements to talk to a constructive frankly, if that was all they had to bring out of them given the level of the two european leaders flying to meet vladimir putin. >> that in itself is troubling. on sunday's call between the
1:22 am
leaders to see what possibly could come from it. >> your report certainly highlights the complexity of this situation and still no word from moscow that they have troops there fighting in this region. we'll wait and see what happens there and in germany later today. thank you so much in donetsk. well the pilots of transasia flight 235 may have turned off their only working engine before the deadly crash. we take you to taiwan for the latest development next.
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. >> well the pilot for transasia flight 235 may have turned off the wrong engine before the crash. taiwan's aviation safety council says the plane lost power in the right engine. after assessing the black box data. investigators suspect the pilots
1:25 am
may have manually shut down the left one. i am sure this information even though it's preliminary is well it must be very, very hard for people to hear that. >> reporter: natalie, difficult questions being asked about what went on in that cockpit. keep in mind this flight lasted less than three minutes. new detail coming in from the lead safety council. he is saying basically in that first few minutes in flight there was a emergency with the right engine. he is saying the data shows the pilots should have had a visual display saying which engine had the problem. we of course know the left engine the opposite engine was thrust down. there was no thrust from either engine. later in the flight the pilot
1:26 am
tried to restart the left engine. it was too late. a lot of difficult questions asked about what the pilots did, what they responded, why they did. here is a part of my conversation with the lead investigator. >> it's a difficult question. one that has to be asked, did the pilots respond by shutting off power to the incorrect engine responding to a problem with the right engine by shutting a off the left engine? >> we at this moment we just released a number that they have confirmed so we did not make any judgment or analysis who did what eat this time. >> reporter: a very delicate part of this investigation there, of course looking into what the pilots did, the standard procedure in comparing the two big priorities right now
1:27 am
as well according to many wong the load investigator there. they want to finish up the cockpit voice recorder transcript. on top of that theyp to take a closer look physically at the engines and the cockpit. natalie. >> yes, many questions to be answered there. meantime they continue to look for people on that airplane. they have recovered more bodies. is that correct, david? >> reporter: yeah, natalie. >> that is right. a grim search still under way. four bodies recovered today. that means four people remain unaccounted for in the last few minutes. we saw about a dozen boats speed off downstream. of course the search going on behind me over my right shoulder at the crash site. i spoke to one of the divers here. it's interesting, because he said he has a day job. stood saturday. he decided to come out, get into the water, do his part. visibility under water really
1:28 am
difficult. you can barely see his hand in front of his face. he swam along the bottom to use his hands and feel around and push through. natalie, he says he came out today because he wants to do his part to help these families get some answers, get closure. so they can go home. it is a grim search. the reality is troubling. it's difficult there. they are not expecting survivors by any means tissues fact that people are pulling together there are people bringing the divers a hot coffee and hot tea. >> that spirit of teamwork and cooperation, certainly helping lift spirits just a little bit. natalie. >> very nice to hear. thank you, david. she dedicated her life to helping syrian children before being kidnapped by militants. coming up hear more from kayla mueller american aid worker held
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xfinity is perfect for people on the go. . >> you are watching live coverage. isis is claiming a jordanian airstrike in syria killed this woman, an american aide worker. her family released a statement friday saying they are hopeful she is still alive. u.s. officials say there is no evidence to confirm her death. the u.s. military is following isis in mosul, iraq to decide whether to send in american ground troops to help in the fight against isis there.
1:32 am
the u.s. saying isis is trying to reenforce its offensive in iraq the second largest city which it controlled. world leaders are meeting in germany to discuss the escalating violence in ukraine. russia's foreign minister and ukraine's president are among those attending the conference in munich. taiwan officials say the pilot of transasia flight 235 would have seen a signal of engine failure before the crash. taiwan's safety council says neither was flying near the river. they believe it lost the engine 37 seconds into the flight and the crew nay have accidentally shut down the other. the woman isis claims died in an airstrike is 26-years-old and dedicated her life to helping others. kayla mueller comes from the
1:33 am
united states but wanted to make a big impact on the world. cnn's anderson cooper has more. >> reporter: kayla muler is from prescott arizona. she can best be described probably as a citizen of the world. in high school. she volunteered and sought protests for the cause. she became president of a group "stand" a student-led movement to help atrocities. she traveled first to india and israel and the palestinian territories working for humanitarian organizations. by 2011 syria was beckoning. she spoke about it in this online post. >> i am in solidarity with the syrian people. i reject the brutality and killing that the syrian authorities are committing against the syrian people. >> reporter: in 2012 mueller made her first trip to the
1:34 am
syrian-turkish border. she was working for aide groups supporting syrians fleeing their company. in may, 2013 she spoke to her local paper saying quote when syrians here say i'm an emergency they say, where is the world? all can i do is cry with them, because i don't know. she returned to the region two months after that interview was taken hostage. she was in aleppo syria in a hospital when she was kidnapped. her family wouldn't hear about her fate until may, 2014 ten months after she was captured. isis provided proof of life and demanded several million dollars where they would kill her. muler is to have survived that deadline but any negotiations for her release has been secret. she was held taunl hostage at the assessment with three other hostages james follow and seem
1:35 am
sotloff. they have gone into a war-torn country to bear witness and help as she could. she was saying syrians are dying by the thousands and they're fighting just to talk about the rights we have. she went on for as long as i live, i will not let this suffering be normal. >> kayla mueller's parents are asking for privacy. they're not doing any interviews regarding their daughter. they appealed to the terrorists in an e-mail saying to those in positions of responsibility for holding kayla, out of concern for kayla's safety we have been silence until now. this news leaves us concerned, yet we are hopeful kayla is alive. we have sent you a private message and ask you respond to us privately. we will let you know if there are developments in that story. world leaders are in germany right now discussing the escalating violence in ukraine. the talks in munich include the
1:36 am
u.s. secretary of state, russia's foreign minister and ukraine's president, the cnn's jim bolden is there for us. he is following any breaking developments. he will let us know if that happens. today's friday talks in moscow the leaders of germany and france met with vladimir putin. the kremlin says the leaders work on a up in plan to implement prior peace agreements. their meeting lasted some five hours. so much is at stake in eastern ukraine, especially the lives of civilians. the u.n. says more than 200 people have been killed in the last three weeks. cnn has more on the escalating violence. >> reporter: from bad to worse in eastern ukraine. after nine months of conflict only 5300 lives lost the fighting has noticeably intensified in recent weeks.
1:37 am
it started here ukrainian forces battled rebels for control of the airport in donetsk in january. we saw first hand the airport is now nearly unrecognizable left in ruins. caught in the crossfire, the conflict is taking an especially heavy toll on civilians. some 220 killed in the last three weeks of january alone according to u.n. among the worst single incidents, a rocket attack in the city january 24th. >> that left at least 30 people dead. human rights watch says pro-german separatists were likely behind the attack. both sides have been blamed for bombarding civilian areas. earlier this week shelling hitting this hospital in the heart of donetsk, killing at least three people.
1:38 am
the fighting continues to spread. in the nearby town there is little left. food is scarce. there is no running water. electricity or gasoline. wood is being collected for heat and snow melted for drinking water. many have been trying to flee for days. but the main road out of town has also come under fire. right now, the only thing in ready supply in ukraine's conflict zone seems to be. . >> support for spend sending arms to ukraine from the country's global allies has been tentative t. nominee to be the next u.s. defense secretary says he is very much inclined to send weapons to the ukrainian government. nato's secretary general says it can only provide political support. nato did not pro says arms. we don't have arms.
1:39 am
so this is up to each and every allie nation to decide. what we are doing is grant political support for ukraine, more than isis and the army. then increasing our own ability to defend and protect all allies. the question of arms has to be decided by each member's allie. >> since the start of the conflict the u.s. has provided some support for ukrainian troops. it's been limited to none lethal aid, night vision body arm our and first aids. so as they take heavy defeat by separatists supplied by moscow and bolstered by russian troops. one ukrainian volunteer officer is taking matters into his own hand. boy is he. he is trying to crowd fund his fight. he has been in new york city
1:40 am
trying to raise money for his 40-man platoon in eastern ukraine. he was profiled recently in an article t. author spoke with cnn earlier and talked about the dire situation facing this man's troops. >> these guys he told me are using walk walky talkies. they have under surveillance to tap into cell phones and walkie-talkies. it's a david and goliath story i haven't seen before. >> the other thing you property up from this article, i'm quoting from evonn. he says my guys have died on the battlefield because they're wearing the same helmets my grandfather wore to fight the nazis. talk about the inspiration. >> also the weaponry they are using. ak-47s. this is a very old kind of gun
1:41 am
t. separatists are bringing in anti--tank anti--aircraft artillery, radar-guided artillery systems to just pound these cities. >> so again, he went to new york looking for money. he has found some. he has raised $500,000 so far. some of that has paid for combat equipment like boots and fatigues. the ukrainian officer said next he is headed to washington. the daughter of the late whitney houston bobbi kristina is fighting for her life. now police are shifting the focus about their investigation. we will tell you about that coming up. that's why so many people are turning to delsym for longer lasting cough relief. delsym has an advanced time release formula that helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. up to twice as long as other cough liquids. all night... or all day.
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♪ ♪ cnn has learned police are now focusing on bobbi kristina brown's boyfriend nick gordon as they wander how she ended up face down in the bathtub a. source close to the family says brown has injuries that still need to be explained. the 21-year-old was found unresponsive in her home january 31st. a source close to the family says she continues to fight for her life while in a medically induced coma. heavy rain left behind a mysterious substance on vehicles in spokane, walk.
1:45 am
what can this be? >> we have ours as good as old fashioned weather mystery on our hands. social media has been alight with mixture of this grey milky substance, some of the residents in spokane, washington. yes, walla washington. >> that is a place. a few theory one there is volcanic ash picked up by the jet stream the upper level winds that push our weather systems along, all from a volcano over eastern asia. this theory is from a volcano that erupted near southwestern members colorado we talked about that yesterday at this time on the cnn weather bulletin. another theory is it is from ash produced by a fire that took place in oregon and idaho. but one thing is for sure we got ours a mystery, we need to figure out what is happening. one thing we know that is taking place is the extremely heavy
1:46 am
rain in northern california. the national weather service issuing flash flood watches, warnings look at this footage out of the washington area. this is jefferson county. a lot of rescue crews going door-to-door to make sure everyone is out of their homes safely. three people had to be helped out of their peck-up truck. heavy rainfall has also increased the threat of landslides as ten inches of rain has already fallen. take a look at the radar across that region lighting up from the olympic sound to northern california san francisco, by the way, the pacific gas and electric company reporting 70,000 customers without power at the moment and vain not our only concern across this region extremely strong wind gusts across nevada california and into the pacific northwest. the national weather service is clocking a wend gust of 134 miles per hour on friday. >> that is equivalent to a weak
1:47 am
category-4 hurricane. can you imagine what this does to standing furniture outside and all the personal belongings of people's property and you can also imagine what that does tosome of the cloud systems in the air. take a look at this footage. natalie, this is called a lenticular, a stationary land-shaped clouds that form at high altitude normally perpendicular to the wind formations. this is a down sloping event in nevada creating stationary-looking clouds. they're quite dangerous to pilots actually trying to avoid these, it creates turbulent rotor systems that accompany these clouds. they use them to get to high altitudes and fly very long distance by the way, natalie, these clouds often mistaked for ufos.
1:48 am
unidentified flying objects. >> there you go. >> you can see the resemblance. they look like ufo events. >> what did you call them? >> lenticular. >> a new term. >> we have weather mysteries here too. >> thanks, a lot. let us know. here three british actors. three extraordinary performances in films vying for british film honors. we are one day. coming up next what these talented actors have in common. does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it. resolve it. our new formula with a special conditioning ingredient softens your carpet with every use. it's resolve, so you know it cleans and freshens but now it also softens. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. and try resolve for amazing stain removal the first time.
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well harvard university has banned all ro plantic relationships between professors and students. previously this school only band sexual relationships between professors and the undergraduates they were teaching. this comes after the u.s. department of education announced that an investigation last year into 55 campuses including harvard for violations relating to title. that's the u.s. federal law prohibiting sex discrimination on campus. we are just one day from the awards in london. this year the best film nominees include the imitation game, "birdman" and "the theory of everything. " the grand budapest hotel is up for best original screen play. it will have stiff comptation from "whiplash" and "boyhood." cnn will have all the of the red
1:52 am
carpet treatment on sunday. three british actors are proven to be class acts. all three come from the same school a renowned british drama school that's been putting out stars for years as we learn from c in n's nick glass in london. >> reporter: all the world is a stage, all the men and women merely players. they have their exits and their entrances and one pan in his time played many parts. shakespeare as it happens wasn't thinking of the annual awards seasons when he wrote that t. approach seems appropriate enough this time around three youngest british men will be vying for our attention. the starring roles, three fire picks, the conscious follow in the great british acting tra dichlgs how many in this starry
1:53 am
montage do you recognize the royal academy of art in london. oscar winners include vivian lee, anthony hopkins and helen mirren all in their time classically trained shakespearians. >> if you work with shakespeare, you need to use the whole of your anatomy, you need to use it every single vocal bit of range you have to immerse yourself in those characters. >> reporter: that's precisely what our boys did, spai playing shakespeare in their 20s. eddie redmayne played steven hawking in ""the theory of everything. " request itself. >> there should be no boundaries to human endeavor. >> i go back to that first moment when i walked on stage, wow, this guy's got it. whatever it is he's got it.
1:54 am
♪ >> he was 17 singing at london's globe theater. redmayne a fetching valor in "12th knight." the cumberbatch singled up his performances second world war code breaker in the imitation game. 13 years ago, he was in london's park in orlando in "as you like it." >> he had an ability to do things with language which was very particular and rather delicate. >>. >> reporter: cumberbash is a london graduate. he remains on the spare case t. students come and check off. they are not engaged in the
1:55 am
serious business of red carpet selfies. he is preparing to play hamlet on stage in london this summer. david oyellowo an acclaimed shakespeare company in 2001. >> those who have gone before us say no more. >> reporter: now he's brought his legal gift of oratory in ""selma". >> why british actors are being so successful now. they have the full package. the movement. the ability to transform. >> almost every big series has peace playing in the american actor. >> dr. king. >> i tell you. >> ""selma" has it vividly.
1:56 am
>> it's got to be open season. >> reporter: tom wilkinson is l.b.j. one person critic put it our unique american heritage sits on screen a sea of talented british actors. nick glass, cnn london. >> well speaking of talent. we all remember the dancing left sharp from the super bowl. don't you? it's been almost a week since the shark made his debut behind singer katy perry and stole the show with his bad dancing. they were slightly off. but the pop singer isn't happy with all the attention the shark is getting, apparently. perry's lawyer send a 3d a cease and desist after he printed left shark sculptures. he responded by tweeting the people own "left shark."
1:57 am
he claims he will stop making the shark and do piess on world leaders saying quote, all this lawyer crap is very stressful. on that note thank you for watching. i'm natalie allen. we will be right back with our top stories. are you watching cnn.
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isis claims jordanian air strikes killed an american hostage but doesn't provide proof. world leaders are trying to push for peace negotiations between russia and ukraine as violence in eastern ukraine escalates. and we go to congo where a documentary about gorilla conservation efforts has been nominated for two awards. these stories ahead. welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. straight to our top stories. jordan voufwing revenge on isis delivering with air strike. isis claims the warplanes killed a female american hostage. the terror group took back in 2013. becky